Lené Gary

February 2013: Poetry Project Manifesto

In 30/30 Project for Tupelo Press, aviator, Writing Manifestos on 02/02/2013 at 00:17

I’m writing to make sure perspective isn’t buried under pop-culture.  Well, or even buried under so many other layers of life.  And to give myself a place to breathe & listen to the worries I have.

I am writing, as ever, so that my sweet clam, my darling son, will always know that being creative can be amazing & that the opportunities for his little heart-dreams are boundless. And so he can be proud that I followed my passion, & so too, follow his.

And I write, so that I can process my husband’s deployments in Afghanistan & in Africa. Poems give way to bear the weight of his absence, his aviation.

And I write, to remember & remind, that we must not forget that there are so many widows among us, who need us, who need our thoughts & words daily.  This is for them, for the weight they carry, for their folded flags.

Jacey Blue Renner


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