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My February 2013 Manifesto

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Because I am in a rush.  Because I need to slow down. So that the daily will become the routine. I practiced in January and now February is real time, made virtual. Because my friends are watching. Because my mother is so far along in her Alzheimer’s that I have to salvage what memory I have for her. Because my father is not here. Because that nagging to clean your room didn’t work so I have to make something that counts. Because I am willing. Because I want to say something I forgot I had to say.  Because I need a habit that keeps me company and whispers fiercely in my ear even when I am running on the road. Because we sat around the dinner table and listened to all the crazy stories. Because no one plays cards anymore, or cracks the almonds and walnuts with the bird shaped nutcracker. Because I really love to sing and this is as close to my voice as I can get, even if I am not in a night club singing sexy love songs.

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