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In Pickled Blood, Writing Manifestos on 01/22/2011 at 08:02

We take risks for catharsis. We gamble with our raw and vulnerable parts. While passion and vision drive us, they also gnaw on us.

This is where writers fall by the wayside. Subject to a victim mentality – “oh it’s so hard, oh this is my soul.” All that may be true. But to prosper in the long run, writers must be fighters.

We pluck our words from open spirits and tender nerves, and we must protect ourselves. But not by whimpering.

Doubt is part of the ride, fear is part of the ride. Inspiration just feels a hell of lot better. Confidence just feels a hell of a lot better.

We must be brave. And smart. And patient. And kind to ourselves. It’s never a waste of time. We learn and grow on every page.

Some days we limp into the storm clouds. When the magic nudges you, use it. When it’s not there, one foot at a time. One sentence at a time.

Let emotion inspire and move you, literally move you. When it freezes your bones, go tough and logical. Yin-yang. We’re only human. Sometimes we need a “there there,” a pat on the back, or a kick in the bum.

It’s not you versus the world. Your day job isn’t trying to stop you.

We must maintain that warrior spirit. Stay athletic. Trudge through the strains and lactic acid. Stretch and ice as needed, champ.

Joe Cervelin