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Why I Write

In Writing Manifestos on 01/19/2011 at 16:08

I write to create. I write because I love to read. I write because I love words, how they wrestle in my brain, tumble off my tongue, and blend into narrative. I write because I am a word junkie, a literature freak, an addict. I write because like a dealer, I am pushing my current high, and as the high wears off and the inevitable crash eclipses, I write to share the lowliness. I write because I am self-indulgent. I write to process feelings, experiences, memories.

I write to learn about nature and humanity. I write to teach. I write to effect change. I write to question authority. I write hoping the population will mutate from drones of nuclear, capitalistic, worker bees into rebels that take flight and sting the perpetrators of oppression. I write to remind. I write so others will not feel alone but part of something beyond themselves, connected, interdependent, one.

I write to ensure my existence, to confess my secrets so that when I die others can relate to how messed up I was, or how unusual, or how maybe I was not unusual at all. I write for redemption. I write to remember.

I write because I have an active mind and sometimes the only way to make sense of life is to write it down. I write to keep from going crazy, insane, berserk, nuts, schizoid, kaput. I write because I am human. I write to hope. I hope to write.

Laurie Easter